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09 Sep 2022 Learning resources


On the 8th of September, Ahmed Esam from our project partner Radboud University presented our INITIATE project during the hybrid paper session “Circularity” at the Sustainable Places 2022.

The twenty minutes presentation was titled “Macroeconomic modelling of a circular economy: application from shifting towards the INITIATE symbiotic system from 2020 to 2050 on a European level”. This topic attempts to review the existing literature on modelling the economic consequences of the transition to a circular economy by examining over 30 modelling-based assessments of such a transition.

Furthermore, the topic tests the proposed circular modelling solutions to apply such circular modelling characteristics to EXIOMOD before introducing the technological shift towards the INITIATE steel symbiotic system from 2020 to 2050 on a European level. That is pivotal to evaluating the socioeconomic and environmental consequences of increasing steel circularity.

The presentation can be found here.