The INITIATE consortium fosters knowledge exchange and collaboration on common challenges with other EU-funded projects.

In particular, the consortium is committed to ensuring intensive interactions with other EU-funded on non-technological aspects; regulatory framework barriers, and funding opportunities for replication at the EU and national level.

23 Nov 2021


The main objective of CORALIS is to create pathways for the decarbonisation of resource and energy-intensive sector value chains through the implementation of viable IS approaches combining new business and management strategies with innovative technology-based enablers. The overall approach of CORALIS will be demonstrated in a total of 3 industrial parks (Lighthouses), each of them supported by an IS facilitator, a neutral actor in charge of guiding the IS initiative and exploiting its full potential. Moreover, 3 additional industrial parks (Followers) will follow the project results to replicate them by implementing additional IS initiatives after the project’s end.

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