05 Sep 2023 About INITIATE

The INITIATE project featured in the 15th edition of The Innovation Platform

The INITIATE project has been featured in the fifteenth edition of The Innovation Platform, which was released on the 1st of September.

Antonio La Mantia, Director of Communications and Events and Anastasios Perimenis, Secretary General at our project partner CO2 Value Europe, explored our unique project implementing carbon circularity and industrial symbiosis by re-using residual steel gases as a resource for the cross-sectorial, more efficient and less wasteful manufacture of urea.

Scientists estimate that roughly 34 billion tonnes of carbon dioxide is emitted globally each year.

This enormous CO2 landfill floating above our heads is identified by the global scientific community as the primary driver of climate change. However, thanks to a broad portfolio of existing and developing carbon capture and utilisation (CCU) technologies, carbon dioxide can be captured and converted into a feedstock to create essential products. This is particularly true for the chemical sectors, including the production of chemicals, synthetic fuels and polymers, and at the same time for the energy sector, as it can provide useful storage solutions.

Against this context, the INITIATE project’s TRL7 demonstration has been combining the continuous production of N2+H2 and CO2 streams into suitable feedstocks for urea production, namely NH3 and CO2 used as feedstock for the production of ammonia and urea. The project has also been conducting a macroeconomic analysis and Life Cycle Analysis to confirm the economic viability and the sustainability of the INITIATE process.

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