18 Jul 2022 About INITIATE


Last June, our project partner NextChem welcomed Emanuele Mariani to its premises in Rome for an internship within the framework of the INITIATE project.

The internship, which will last six months, is focusing on the methanol production from steel-making residual gases, which are rich in H2 and CO2 (Task 5.4). Associated with this process, there is also the mineralisation of the excess carbon dioxide, aimed at reducing the emissions of this greenhouse gas into the atmosphere.

Emanuele graduated in chemical engineering in October 2020 at La Sapienza University of Rome. Straight after his graduation, he started at the same university with his MA in chemical engineering focusing on industrial chemical processes. Emanuele is about to finish his MA and he is planning to draft his thesis on the INITIATE task 5.4 he will be involved in over the next months.

“I chose to be part of this project because I think that it can be a great learning opportunity, which could help me transition from student life to working life. Also, I have always been attracted to the energy transition topic and what revolves around it. The INITIATE project, thanks to an important company like NextChem, can make me feel part of a “green” operation, working first-hand with specialists in this sector.”

Each INITIATE R&D partner has committed to offering MSc students a series of internships within the framework of our project. These internship opportunities are aimed at giving MSc students the chance to explore an industry-developing industrial symbiosis process and get acquainted with our project, thereby broadening their academic horizons. The internships will have different durations and will be divided up into 2 phases: the field phase and the writing phase. During the field phase, the interns will be given the chance to explore the work field of our R&D partners and apply the knowledge acquired during their study in practice. During the writing phase, the interns will be writing a final report in close cooperation with their supervisors, which will be presented to other students or external stakeholders during tailored-made events.

Welcome to the INITIATE consortium, Emanuele! We very much look forward to seeing the outcome of your internship experience with us.