13 Jun 2022 About INITIATE

The INITIATE Consortium Thanks Bas Meerten for His Active Participation and Enthusiasm During His Internship

Last February, our project partner Stamicarbon, the innovation and license company of the Maire Tecnimont Group, welcomed BSc Mechanical engineer intern Bas Meerten to its Sittard office.

Bas’ five-month internship is part of his graduation project to standardise the datasheets for Stamicarbon’s Green Ammonia technology. This new technology aims to help pave the way for more sustainable production of nitrogen-based fertilisers by producing ammonia with renewable energy resources.

Bas is currently completing his bachelor’s studies in Mechanical Engineering at Zuyd University of Applied Sciences in Heerlen, the Netherlands. His study program focuses on designing new and improving existing devices and products with a special focus on sustainability and customers' expectations.

Within the framework of the INITIATE project, Bas has been taking part in the development of the ammonia converter, the centrepiece of the pilot plant in Luleå, Sweden, which will be based on the Stami Green Ammonia technology. Bas’ internship has allowed him to apply his creativity and development skills gained from eight years of technical studies and four years at a workshop working with precision mechanics.

“I’m excited to work in a multidisciplinary team on such an innovative project and contribute to reducing the carbon footprint of the steel industry by re-using the industrial off-gases for ammonia synthesis. One of the most enjoyable aspects of my internship is knowing that a design decision I came up with might be applied in the final design of the ammonia converter, and it will be built and put into commission and run for several years, supplying valuable information for larger-scale projects. I think seeing your designs come to life is one of the most exciting things about engineering,” Bas said.

Thank you for your active participation and your enthusiasm Bas! We very much look forward to seeing the outcome of your internship experience.