11 Jan 2023 About Partners

New strategic collaboration with the EU-funded project Retrofeed

We are delighted to announce we have started a strategic collaboration with the EU-funded project Retrofeed to foster knowledge exchange and alignment on common technical and regulatory challenges.

RETROFEED main objective is to enable the use of an increasingly variable, bio-based and circular feedstock in process industries through the retrofitting of core equipment and the implementation of an advanced monitoring and control system. It will also provide support to the plant operators utilising a DSS covering the production chain. This approach will be demonstrated in five resource and energy-intensive sectors (ceramic, cement, aluminium, steel, and agrochemical) with the potential to reach on average an increase of 22% in resource efficiency and 19% in energy efficiency, with a consequent reduction in costs and GHG emissions of 9.3 M€ and 135 kton CO₂ respectively.

INITIATE aims at demonstrating industrial symbiosis by using residual carbon-rich gas from the iron and steel industry as a valuable feedstock for the chemical sector. The Technology Readiness Level (TRL) 7 piloting combines the continuous production of N2 + H2 and CO₂ streams with the innovative ammonia production as a precursor for urea, to be used as fertilizer and AdBlue®.

The collaboration between INITIATE and Retrofeed aims at addressing the most pressing common challenges in the fields of funding opportunities for replication at the EU and national level; life-cycle analysis; regulatory framework barriers and non-technological aspects such as business plan feasibility.

The strategic collaboration of INITIATE with H2020 projects is led by our partner CO₂ Value Europe, responsible for WP7 on communication and dissemination, and will include the exchange of learning resources, the co-organisation of scientific conferences and thematic workshops, as well as the development of joint communication and policy campaigns.

Find out more about Retrofeed here.