11 Nov 2022 About INITIATE

PUBLIC REPORT OUT NOW I Inventory of Successful Symbiotic Relationships

This morning, the INITIATE consortium published its latest report “Inventory of Successful Symbiotic Relationships” in the framework of work package 6 focusing on the development of commercial implementation plans.

Our project proposes a novel symbiotic process to produce urea from steel residual gases. The project consists of demonstrating the innovations at TRL7, assessing the impact of the technology, developing a commercial implementation roadmap and designing a bankable commercial plant. The symbiosis is enabled using a SEWGS process, consisting of a water-gas shift reaction and a carbon capture process in one reactor. Applying the SEWGS process to residual steel gases results in a CO2-rich gas stream and hydrogen-rich gas steam. These streams can be used to make several products, including urea.

This report assesses the full scale of symbiotic relationships that the core SEWGS technology can enable. Its aim is to contribute to the commercial implementation roadmap for the INITIATE process. The inventory is structured by working with Product-Market combinations (PMCs), which allows for a clear and structured method to identify and compare different symbiotic options that can be facilitated by the SEWGS technology. As long-term roll-out will be defined by collaboration between stakeholders, an inventory of the key performance indicators on suitability for industrial symbiosis and multi-stakeholder methodology development is part of this report. The inventory of PMCs and KPIs will be used in Task 6.4 of the project, where three PMCs will be selected for in-depth evaluation.

Find the report here.