03 Mar 2022 About INITIATE

New Study: Techno-economic Assessment of Blast Furnace Gas Pre-combustion Decarbonisation

Giampaolo Minzolini and Eric De Coninck from our project partners Politecnico di Milano and ArcelorMittal are among the co-authors of the recently published peer-reviewed article titled “Techno-economic assessment of blast furnace gas pre-combustion decarbonisation integrated with the power generation”.

The study, published on Energy Conversion and Management presents an evaluation of the techno-economic feasibility of the pre-combustion carbon capture with methyl diethanolamine (MDEA), as well as an assessment on the effectiveness of water gas shift (WGS) implementation on the capture performance.

The results obtained from the techno-economic analysis showed that the WGS implementation increases the capture efficiency from 46.5% to 83.8%, with increased CO2 capture cost from € 39.8/tCO2 to €44.3/tCO2.

The obtained results revealed that BFG with a lower calorific value is less practical from a techno-economic point of view as it increases the specific primary energy consumption for CO2 capture avoidance.

Find more on the research’s results here.