02 Dec 2021 About INITIATE

New MSc Internship Opportunity at TNO: Strategic Business Challenges in Scaling Up Industrial Symbiosis

Our project partner TNO has recently published a new MSc internship vacancy focusing on Strategic Business Challenges in Scaling Up Industrial Symbiosis within the framework of our INITIATE project.

The internship, which starts the second semester, is open to MSc students who wish to write their graduation thesis on the strategic challenges companies face when considering industrial symbiosis options developed within INITIATE and its related projects.

The student’s project is aimed at contributing to the ongoing discussion in the management literature on the strategic challenges in scaling up industrial symbiosis and he/she will develop a specific focus fitting the INITIATE project. His/her project’s findings will then be used to complement an inventory of strategic industrial symbiosis solutions within INITIATE.

The MSc intern will be supervised and work closely with professionals with a strong drive to orchestrate collaborative innovation ecosystems who will support him/her in expressing both his/her talent and ambitions.

The Candidate

The ideal candidates should be in the final phase of their university master's degree with a strong understanding of management and organisation theory, inter-organisational collaboration and innovation. They should have experience in interviewing for information and affinity with applied research and development and an ability to make abstract ideas tangible and easy for others to understand.

The Selection Process

After the first CV selection, the application process will be conducted by the concerning department. TNO will provide a suitable internship agreement.


Find the vacancy and apply online here.