05 May 2023 About INITIATE


Last month, our project partner Kisuma Chemicals B.V. welcomed Minze Hoekstra for an internship within the framework of the INITIATE project.

The internship will last eight months and will be diving into sorption-enhanced water-gas-shift (SEWGS) technology for our project. Minze will particularly focus on exploring methods to recycle the elements in used SEWGS sorbent and using the resultant salts to synthesise new sorbent materials. Based on one of the developed pathways, the aim is for Kisuma to produce 10 – 100 kg of chemically recycled sorbent for evaluation in the INITIATE pilot.

Our project partner Kisuma Chemicals, a subsidiary of Kyowa Group Japan, is the world’s largest producer of hydrotalcite-like products for acid scavengers and halogen-free flame retardants worldwide. Within the project, Kisuma Chemicals is responsible for the development, performance and stability of the sorbent.

Minze finished his BA in chemistry at the University of Groningen (NL) last July and he is currently doing his MA at the same university focusing on smart materials and green energy storage.

“The INITIATE project is a great opportunity to familiarize myself with chemical projects outside the university. I find the practical relevance of the INITIATE project quite exciting. With the need to transition towards a sustainable economy, INITIATE advances carbon capture and utilisation technologies by using syngas as a resource, instead of just being wasted. I see circularity as the future and a pivotal concept to mitigate climate change”, said Minze.

Each INITIATE R&D partner has committed to offering MSc students a series of internships within the framework of our project. These internship opportunities are aimed at giving MSc students the chance to explore an industry-developing industrial symbiosis process and get acquainted with our project, thereby broadening their academic horizons.

Welcome to the INITIATE consortium, Minze! We very much look forward to seeing the outcome of your internship experience with us.