17 Feb 2023 About INITIATE


Today, INITIATE successfully held its first Study Visit to its project partner Swerim’s pilot plants in Lulea, Northern Sweden.

The event comes as part of our efforts to share INITIATE’s results with different stakeholders interested in familiarising themselves with our demo-scale equipment and in deepening their knowledge of industrial symbiosis and the role of carbon capture and utilisation (CCU) and carbon capture and storage (CCS) to mitigate climate change.

The visit saw the participation of about twenty professionals and researchers from all over Europe and started this morning with three higher education lectures on the perspectives of the energy transition for the hard-to-abate industry by Paul Cobden from Swerim, on the role of CCU and CCS in mitigating climate change by Earl Goetheer from the Delft University of Technology and on the environmental implications of producing more sustainable ammonia and urea by Kevin Rouwenhorst from the Ammonia Energy Association.

After lunch, the participants had the opportunity to participate in an inspiring visit to the SWERIM plant in Lulea, during which the participants had the chance to witness the development of the pilot of the INITIATE project.

Before the end of the meeting, a knowledge-sharing session with our partners Retrofeed, Coralis and SPIRE/Processes4Planet took place in the form of an informal pitch meeting to encourage knowledge-sharing and collaboration among the participants.

The full programme of the event can be found here.

Tack Swerim for hosting us in your incredible plant and thank you to all participants for this fantastic day together!