12 Oct 2021 About INITIATE

INITIATE EXPLAINED: Our Project and it Perspectives in Two and a Half Minutes

We asked our project coordinator Eric van Dijk, from TNO, to explain in two and a half minutes the main objectives of our INITIATE project, the core concept of industrial symbiosis and its potential contribution to mitigate climate change and boost economic growth.

The overarching objective of the project is to develop sustainable technologies to capture carbon-rich gas from the iron and steel industry and convert it into a valuable feedstock for the chemical sector. The Technology Readiness Level (TRL) 7 technology will combine the continuous production of N2 + H2 and CO2 streams, with the innovative ammonia production as a precursor for urea, a widely used fertilizer.

Against this context, over the next years, science-based evidence on the reliability and profitability of our INITIATE process will be published regularly. That will not only aim to demonstrate how this technology can support industrial actors in decreasing their impact on the environment while ensuring their competitiveness but also how INITIATE can contribute to achieving the global climate targets and a more circular economy.

The INITIATE consortium consists of major steel and chemical industrial players (ArcelorMittal, SSAB, Stamicarbon, NextChem), functional material suppliers (Johnson Matthey, Kisuma Chemicals B.V.), research organisations (TNO, Swerim AB, Politecnico di Milano, Radboud University) and experienced promoters of #CCU, circularity and industrial symbiosis topics (CO2 Value Europe).

Watch the full video below.