11 Apr 2022 About INITIATE

Group from Radboud University visits the TNO research centre in Petten

Last week, a group from Radboud University in Nijmegen (RU) visited the TNO research centre in Petten to exchange some ideas and topics Radboud and TNO are working on.

The exchange visit saw the participation of Anne Ottenbros, PhD candidate within the INITIATE project working on life cycle assessment of urea production from residual steel gasses, Ahmed Esam, PhD candidate within INITIATE working on shared benefits analysis of INITIATE implementation in Europe to 2050, Thomas Hennequin, PhD candidate working on life cycle assessment for the technologies within the C4U project and Jesse Claessen, INITIATE MSc intern focusing its research on strategic business challenges in scaling up industrial symbiosis.

The gathering was an opportunity for the RU delegation to meet our project coordinators Eric van Dijk and Jebin James to discuss the technology development trajectory and deep decarbonisation strategies for the iron and steel industry. In particular, the two delegations talked about the SEWGS/DISPLACE technology developed within ECN/TNO, their applications within previous projects and their current application to decarbonise the iron and steel industry within the frame of the INITIATE and C4U projects.

Ahmed, Thomas and Anne also gave a short presentation of their roles and responsibilities within the INITIATE and C4U project and updated Jebin and Eric on their current research.

The visit also gave the group from RU the chance to visit the laboratory facilities where they saw the development of the (SEWGS) technology from a small lab scale (proof of principle) to a larger-experimental scale (demonstration-scale).