11 Dec 2023 About INITIATE

Alleima to support INITIATE project with Sanicro® specialities  

The INITIATE project welcomes Alleima’s support to supply newly developed grades of Sanicro®, which will be tested during our project’s pilot campaigns scheduled for 2025. Sanicro® 35 is an alloy combining the best features of super austenitic stainless steel and a nickel alloy. The grade has excellent corrosion resistance, for service in sea-water applications and other highly corrosive environments.

The new materials will be used in the Stami Green Ammonia Converter that will be designed and supplied by our project partner Stamicarbon, based in The Netherlands.

This cooperation will allow the INITIATE consortium to access Alleima R&D centre’s long-lasting experience and material knowledge to analyse the performance of key materials used to recycle carbon-rich off-gasses from the steel mill into ammonia product (Aqua Ammonia) used as DeNOx agent.

The INITIATE project, funded by the Horizon 2020 EU program, will show how residual carbon-rich gas from the steel sector becomes a valuable feedstock for the chemical sector. At the same time, the cost of carbon capture is sustained, leading to a cost-efficient decarbonisation strategy. The TRL7 demonstration will combine the continuous production of N2+H2 and CO2 streams, with the innovative ammonia production as a precursor for urea.

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