26 Sep 2023 INITIATE Event

Transforming the Metal-making Industry: Showcases for Retrofitting and Circularity

On the 26th of September, from 10:30 am to 12:30 pm (CET), our partner RETROFEED, in cooperation with the INITIATE project and ReVamp will co-organise an online workshop focusing on driving innovation and sustainability in the metal-making industry, specifically steel, iron, and aluminium production. This workshop is organised within the framework of the European Union's commitment to achieving carbon neutrality by 2050 by the three EU-funded projects share a common goal of contributing to the development of a carbon-neutral iron, steel and metal industry.

Join us for a comprehensive event featuring presentations by INITIATE, RETROFEED, and REVamp, highlighting their technologies and strategies. By attending this workshop, you will benefit from:

šŸŸ£Gaining valuable insights into reducing environmental impact in the iron, steel and metal industry.

šŸŸ£Engaging in discussions with industry experts.

šŸŸ£Being informed about the latest advancements in carbon capture technologies.

šŸŸ£Networking with professionals who are driving positive change in the iron, steel and metal industry.

Register here.