06 Nov 2021 - 09 Nov 2021 External Event

2nd Carbon Dioxide Conversion Catalysis Conference

The 2nd Carbon Dioxide Conversion Catalysis Conference will bring together academic and industrial experts from across the globe and focus on the catalytic conversion of carbon dioxide into value-added products. The topical areas of the conference will include new and improved synthesis of CO2-based polymers, heterocyclic synthesis, photocatalytic & electrocatalytic conversions, energy storage using CO2, new recycling strategies, new catalyst developments, biobased synthesis based on CO2, mechanistic analysis of CO2 processes and industrially relevant CO2 conversions.

The scientific sessions are set up to maximize interactions between the participants, with ample room for discussions during and around the conference, and a poster session to highlight the latest development in the area of CO2 catalysis.

Chaired by Arjan Kleij (ICIQ) and Paolo Pescarmona (University of Groningen), the meeting will take place from 6th – 9th November 2021  at the beautiful Dolce CampoReal Lisboa, Portugal.


More info and conference agenda here.