17 Jan 2024 - 18 Jan 2024 External Event

Global Steel Sustainability Summit 2024

The steel industry’s transition to sustainable and greener steelmaking will vary across different continents and regions. Steel producers in Western countries have already begun investing in improving steel industry sustainability and the market is likely to see a more rapid adoption of low-carbon technologies compared with steel producers in China and India, where the combination of newer capital assets and cost pressures will bring a gradually shifting transition. Though in countries where the transformation to greener steel might be slower, steelmakers are also making incremental investments in process improvements to decrease energy consumption, reduce carbon emissions, increase resource efficiency, and promote the circular economy. Given the relatively large carbon footprint of steel production across the world, even small steps will exert big impacts in driving the industry towards carbon neutrality.

Realising the ultimate transition will require nothing less than a concerted effort from all stakeholders including governments, associations, solution providers, steel makers and the support of emerging technologies that aim at improving sustainability across the entire steel industry value chain. Steel is one of the world’s most sustainable materials — permanent, forever reusable and the most recycled substance on the planet. Building a greener steel world is a long-term investment that will yield enormous both economic and environmental benefits over the full life cycle of green steel. Green is the best business.

Our project partner CO2 Value Europe's Secretary General Anastasios Perimenis will moderate the Panel: Carbon Capture and Utilization: Developing Tomorrow’s Technology for Steel Industry, in which the INITIATE project will be presented. The panel, taking place on the 17th of January, from 11:50 am – 12:20 pm (CET), will be composed by Soledad van Ejik, Business Developer at TNO, Marian Flores Granobles, PhD at ArcelorMittal, Burçin Temel McKenna, Global Head of Carbon Capture Competency Center at Ramboll and, Tim Hill, General Manager Sustainability Solutions at Nucor Corporation.