16 May 2023 - 17 May 2023 External Event

CO2 Capture, Storage & Reuse 2023 Conference

The CO2 Capture, Storage & Reuse 2023 Conference will take place from 16-17 May 2023 in Copenhagen, Denmark.

This year, the conference will focus on utilisation of captured CO2 and its use for the production of building materials like cement, concrete, and steel, but also the production of advanced fuels that will contribute to further decarbonisation of other sectors. Also, as 2022 was a breakthrough year in terms of policies and regulations for green technologies, it will be discussing the influence of legislation on the state of carbon capture and utilisation technologies.

This event is set to bring together industry stakeholders, unique content, workshops discussions and networking with industry leaders. During this 2-day event rich in presentations from industry end-users and running projects case studies you will gain a comprehensive overview of the carbon capture technology.

Please find more information about the conference and registration here.